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South Korean Cultivated Meat Company: Simple Planet Joins the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture

In efforts to expand our reach in the region – APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture welcomes the South Korean Cultivated Meat company: Simple Planet to the society.

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We’re pleased to announce that Simple Planet – a South Korean Cultivated Meat company – has joined the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture (APAC-SCA) as of September 1st, 2022. As such, the Society has grown to twelve member companies across the APAC region.

ILDOO Jeong, CEO and Co-founder of Simple Planet has been appointed the new member representative to APAC-SCA. Simple Planet envisions the commitment to “Future food for eco-friendly consumption” – food that is based of the technology of cell culture and stem-cells. Simple Planet will produce cultivated meats including beef, pork, and seafood – without that of antibiotics, hormones, and animal slaughter.

The members of the newly expanded APAC-SCA jointly stated: We’re delighted to have brought on-board Simple Planet to the team in the efforts of building a thriving ecosystem for the Cultivated Food industry. Simple Planet has showcased a rapid trajectory of growth, and will be a valuable asset for further expansion. As a group, APAC-SCA is actively looking for opportunities for partnership and seeking to foster a good working relationship with various institutions in academia, corporate, non-profit, or the private sector.



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