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Our coalition of member companies are committed to building a more resilient and sustainable food system while giving consumers the opportunity to choose delicious, nutritious, and safe meat and seafood products.

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Founded in 2020, CellX is one of the earliest pioneers in the cultivated meat space in China. The Shanghai-based start-up showcased its hybrid structured products in 2021 and is the leader in scale-up and commercialization of cultivated meat in China and APAC.


Product(s): Beef, chicken, and various of meat products

Other Resources:

CellX's Other Press Releases

Joes Future Food is the first company in China to conduct cultivated meat R&D, creating the first cultivated meat product in 2019. Joes is continuously refining their production process and have developed a cultured medium free from fetal bovine serum for the production of pork and various of meat products. 

Product(s): Pork, various of meat products

Other Resources:

Joes Future Food First Company in China; Cultivated Meats


Established in 2018, Avant Meats is the first company in the cellular agriculture space in China and a pioneer in various of fish products including fish maw and premium filets. Avant Meats is also producing active skin care ingredients derived from cultivated cells. Currently, Avant Meats operate both in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Product(s): Fish products, active skin care

Other Resources:

Avant Meats New R&D and Pilot Plant in Singapore


Aleph Farms is the first company in the world to produce cultivated beef steaks and ribeye as well as being behind the first cultivated meats to be produced in outer space. Headquartered in Israel, Aleph Farms has formed partnerships globally and is actively working on the pursuit of nourishing our planet without the need of animal slaughter, non-GMO, anti-biotics - with the highest health and safety standards. 


Product(s): Whole muscle beef steaks

Other Resources:

Alelph Farms Press Release and Blog


Founded in 2015, Integriculture is focusing on both foie gras and have developed its own proprietary system – CulNet – that utilises cells to naturally replicate the growth environment for cultivated cells. IntegriCulture is also the instigator behind the initiative CulNet Consortium – an open innovation framework to kick-start and advance the industry in Japan and beyond. 

Product(s): CulNet (bioproduction), foie-gras

Other Resources:

CulNet Consortium


Founded in 2019, Gaia Foods was the first company to introduce cultivated red meat to SE-Asia and have developed a proprietary system for 3D bioprinting. Gaia Foods was fully acquired by Shiok Meats in 2021.

Product(s): Beef steaks


Founded in 2018, Shiok Meats is the world’s first producer of cultivated crustaceans. With target of commercializing in 2023, Shiok Meats is ramping up their production with the introduction of a state-of-the-art crustacean production facility in Singapore. For its rapid development, Shiok Meats have gained much international recognition winning both Nikkei Asia Award and OCBC Emerging Enterprise Awards in 2021. 


Product(s): Seafood, crustaceans

Other Resources:

Shiok Meats Press Releases


Founded in 2017, DaNAgreen specialises in protein scaffolding to aid in the 3D bio-production of cultivated cells. Their product, ProtinetTM is produced via DaNAgreen’s patented cross-link technology. In the pipeline is the development of scaffolds and bioreactors for cultivated meat sector.

Product(s): Scaffolds, drug toxicity, edible bio-tech

Founded in 2019, SeaWith has developed its own proprietary sea-weed based culture media to replace up to 80% of utilization of Fetal Bovine Serum for cultivated meat production. SeaWith plans to commercialize steaks utilising their technology by 2022 and aims to bring down prices to US $3 / Kg by 2030.

Product(s): Meat (algae-tech), cultured media 

Other Resources:

SeaWith US$3/kg by 2030 target

Founded in 2021, Simple Planet is a sustainable future food-tech company developing cell-based food ingredients for eco-friendly consumption. Simple Planet researches and produces future food materials utilising cell culture platforms and stem cell engineering technology.

Product(s): Cultivated meat powder, cultivated unsaturated fat

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