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APAC-SCA signs MoU with Society for Food Sustainatech on Cultivated Meat & Seafood Developments in South Korea

07 February 2024: The Asia-Pacific Society for Cellular Agriculture (APAC-SCA) inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to formalise its partnership with the Society for Food Sustainatech (SFS), paving the way regional collaboration for the field of cellular agriculture in South Korea and the wider APAC region.


Under the MoU, both parties will work towards promoting global-level regulatory science technologies in food safety, efficacy, and quality in South Korea, and shall aim to foster a relationship that can assist in building safe and transparent regulatory systems and frameworks for cultivated meat and seafood in South Korea and beyond.


“Working together with Society for Food Sustainatech will be essential to furthering the goal of international collaboration, coordination, and synergy between South Korea and APAC. This will serve as a boon to drive developments in Cellular Agriculture one step further and a step to advance our industry holistically.”

Peter Yu, Program Director APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture


“Our partnership with APAC-SCA through this MoU is a testament to our commitment to advancing novel food technologies and practices, fostering a more resilient and eco-friendly food ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific.”

Henry (Yooheon) Park, CEO of Society for Food Sustainatech


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