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our mission

Our mission is to engage with institutions, industry associates, regulatory bodies, policy experts, scientists, and consumers on the latest insights, developments, and resources of cultivated meat products across the APAC region.

our vision

We aspire to be the leading source and society for cellular agriculture across the APAC region for all stakeholders alike.


Peter Yu is the Program Director at the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture – an association and coalition of 10+ cultivated meat and seafood companies across the APAC region. Through the society, Peter works as a drive-force to both promote the industry as well as to encourage the establishment efficient and transparent regulations and policies. Peter is actively engaging towards creating a harmonised cultivated food industry, and have experience in driving various of industry moving projects across the globe. Peter is the Co-chair of the Enterprise Singapore Pro-term committee for setting Novel food standards, and has been a convener for the first MoU regarding regional Nomenclature alignment in Asia. Moreover, Peter was appointed as a technical expert to FAO/WHO on safety guidelines for the industry. Peter holds triple Masters’ degrees (MBA + Bioengineering + Laws).

Calisa Lim is the Project Manager at the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture. Her area of focus are monitoring and managing of regional regulations and policies, alongside key trends that could impact the industry across APAC. Through relationship building between key stakeholders and the development of science-based reports, advocacy tools and communication materials, she aims to enhance the industry's role as a trusted partner in the development of robust regulatory frameworks and standards to advance the cellular agriculture space. Calisa has experience working in a food industry association and managed the issues of nutrition, fiscal measures and ultra processed foods etc. She holds a BSocSci in Sociology from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

apac-sca management



Carrie Chan

Co-founder & CEO

Avant Meats


Gary Brenner

Director, Market and Corporate Development Aleph Farms

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Shijie Ding, PhD.


Joes Future Food



Jay Hyeongun Jee, PhD.

Co-founder & CTO DaNAgreen

Dominic Jeong_CEO Simple Planet


Dominic Jeong.

Co-founder & CEO

Simple Planet

Board Member

Yuki Hanyu, PhD.

Founder & CEO



Heejae Lee




Board Member

Chee-Seng Hee

Director of

Regulatory Affairs


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