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APAC-SCA forms a Global Alliance with AMPS Innovation and Cellular Agriculture Europe

The U.S. based Alliance for Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Innovation (AMPS Innovation), APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture (APAC-SCA), and Cellular Agriculture Europe (CAE) are coming together to form a tripartite alliance to identify regional synergies, advocate for regulatory harmonisation, and communicate accurate information about the potential of cellular agriculture.

FINAL Global Alliance Press Advisory_18-Oct
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AMPS Innovation, APAC-SCA, and CAE collectively represent over thirty leading industry pioneers in the cultivated foods space – innovating a variety of products including cultivated beef, pork, poultry, seafood, dairy, fats and oils. Our associations share the vision of – and work towards – a sustainable and food secure future on a global scale.

This new global alliance will help to strategically connect our fast growing industry and bring our shared vision into a reality. The inaugural meeting of the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Management Committees of the three associations will be held in Singapore on October 26th with the goal of starting discussion in three key areas:

  • Regional Synergies: Identifying opportunities for cross-border information sharing on best practices and transparency.

  • Regulatory Harmonisation: Advocacy for the development of consistent, science-based regulatory frameworks and standards for cellular agriculture products that create safe, fair and transparent pathways to market.

  • Communication: The facilitation of joint communications on global issues and public policy matters.

With these objectives in mind, the tripartite alliance stands together with optimism in contributing to a brighter future with sustainable, delicious, and safe food for the planet.



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