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APAC-SCA Related

Q1) How do I join APAC-SCA?

APAC-SCA is actively looking to build partnership with cultivated meat and seafood companies located in the APAC region. We're seeking new start-ups and industry adaptors to join as a member of the community. Please reach out: email, and set-up a call. Please provide company information and other relevant facts. 

Q2) What requirements are there to join the society?

We are open to start-ups and companies focusing on all kinds of cultivated meat and seafood products; our current members produce beef, pork, chicken, and various of seafoods. 

Q3) I'd like APAC-SCA to present at my event, how do I request?

APAC-SCA is happy to be engaged with the community, please send an email with information about the location, date, topic, institution/company, and contact.

Q4) When was the society formed and where is it located?

The society was officially formed in Nov. 2021 and is headquartered in Singapore. However, we operate across the APAC region with member companies located in Israel, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. 

Q5) I'm a regulator / policy maker, educational entity, representative of society and want to learn more about the industry and/or build partnership to APAC-SCA how shall I proceed?

Please connect through email, we're happy to introduce our society and provide relevant information pertaining to your particular case. 

Q6) I have news or other resources that I'd like to share with APAC-SCA, how do I connect?

Please share with us through email or connect through LinkedIn

Q7) I'm an expert in the field and would like to present for our cell-based member companies, how do I proceed?

Please connect through email and state your affiliation and expertise, we'd be happy to set up an introductory call with industry experts.

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